The Beaded Week 68

Since last time I have made…

A tealight holder.

I used a glass that had previously held a scented candle and some very cheap seed beads and some craft glue.


3 pair of drop earrings.


1 pair of  beaded bead earrings.


And I’ve also been working on a new tutorial…

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The Beaded Week 63

A very simple necklace that can be wrapped around the neck 1 or 2 times.



Bracelet with fire-polished beads in pastels.




Two pairs of beaded bead earrings.





And a necklace which will be the topic of my next post, modelled by Mitzi .



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The Beaded Week 61

2/3 checked for the next giveaway. Just need a few more likes on Facebook.



Since the last beaded week I’ve made a bunch of beaded bead earrings. I added some of them to the shop and the rest I sent to my mom.



I also made small fabric gift bags and a tutorial on how to make them.  The tutorial is in the previous post here.



It is my little sisters birthday today, so on the off-chance she’s reading this, happy birthday! ♥

The Beaded Week 59


Since the last Beaded Week I’ve had a successful giveaway and posted a free ring tutorial, but I have also done this;

A pair of macrame kite earrings, for sale here.



A pair of beaded bead earrings, for sale here.



A drop pendant following this diagram.
I had a difficult time with this before I realized that the instructions were made for a 2 needle RAW. I like to work with 1 needle so that’s what I started out with but the diagram didn’t make sense then. But after I started over with 2 needles it was fairly simple.

I used 4mm Green Opaque Luster fire-polish and 11° Gold-Lustered Montana Blue. I just need to get a chain for it. I’d like to get one in rosegold.



These macrame earrings are inspired by this pin. It’s a fun idea to use a toggle clasp.



And I got new business cards.  ♥


The Beaded Week 56

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This morning I started writing a new post about the Baroque Tape Measure when I noticed that my finished tape measure didn’t look like the picture in the tutorial. I then realized that I had somehow not seen that the tutorial went on for 3 more pages and I had stopped and finished the work, omitting the 2 final rounds. So I went back and added the missing beadwork and took new pictures.


This is the Baroque Tape Measure. The design is by Sarah Cryer. I bought the pattern from her Etsy shop here. The pattern is a bit pricey considering I’m not likely to make another one of these but it is a very nice pattern. Very clear and easy to follow.
I made mine in fuchsia and bronze  because I got a very pink tape measure (the place I ordered the tape measure wouldn’t let me specify the color) and as you can see it shines through a lot. In retrospect I wish that I had not picked the matte bronze seed beads. It looks a bit dull. But compared to the plain tape measure it sure looks a lot flashier. I can now measure in style!


This is the Emma Bangle, a free pattern by Sabine Lippert. You can download the pattern here.
Mine turned out a little bit too big so at some point I will have to redo it. I think it looks very cool, it reminds me of a bicycle chain. Stitched with the new Sonoko thread so it is a little stretchy. Perfect thread for making bangles.


I have a lot of leftover fabric from hemming our new curtains and I wanted to make little drawstring gift bags. And since I do not own a sewing machine I used the leftover iron-on hemming strips that I used to hem the curtains. It was a little fiddly but I did it!


And finally I put this pair up for sale in my Etsy shop.

DSCN2674 (5)