Ring Tutorial

Here’s my free tutorial for a RAW (right-angle weave) ring.

You can make any of these rings, I made the pink one for the tutorial to show an alternative way to make the ring band.

The gold and bronze rings are made with 4 units per row and the 2 silver rings are made with 3 units per row.

The gold ring is made with 6×4 Czech drops instead of 4mm fire-polish.

You can download the free tutorial HERE!

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The Beaded Week 48


This blog has moved and will no longer be updated at this location. Please go to www.thebeadpursuit.com and follow the blog to get notified of new content.

These earrings are another free pattern from Linda’s Crafty Inspirations. If you don’t already follow her blog I suggest that you do, she blogs a lot and offers plenty of inspiration.
The pattern can be found here. It’s easy to follow and the earrings are fairly easy to make, although I don’t know what kind of witchcraft she’d use to get through the same 15° so many times. I could only go through a few times and after that I just had to turn around instead. You’ll know what I mean if you try the pattern. Turning around is not a problem though, the thread wont show up, at least mine didn’t.
I think they turned out great. They are very pretty earrings, the pictures I took does not do them justice.

And here’s another Lovely Lace Bracelet from the same lady. I’ve blogged about this pattern here. I made this one with Miyuki dark bronze seed beads and I think it turned out better than the bronze one I made before. You can get the free pattern here.


thebeadedweek2015_05dI got some new cord from this shop and made another macrame ring. This one turned out a little bit bigger than the pink one I made with another type of cord. This blue one is a waxed polyester cord. I loved working with it, it is so much easier to get nice knots with a waxed cord. I also used bigger beads, 8° Toho in bronze and dark bronze, because I could not fit the 11°s on this cord even though it is supposed to be the same size. Ah well, I like the ring anyways. 🙂

thebeadedweek2015_05cI bought this tutorial from SmadarsTreasure on Etsy. The design is so pretty but for some reason it did not turn out that way for me. I guess it is a tension problem as usual and I think I’ll just undo this one and maybe start over with a different color.

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The Beaded Week 47

This blog has moved and will no longer be updated at this location. Please go to www.thebeadpursuit.com and follow the blog to get notified of new content.

In the last month I’ve been beading, playing and doing some home improvement. We’re finally getting some new furniture in here like a brand new couch. No more sitting on a dirty mattress on the floor for us! It is still pretty messy though, there’s still no place to store things but that’ll change in the next month.

And now for the beading. Not been much of that now that I look at the pictures. These five pairs of earrings went up on my Etsy shop yesterday.


thebeadedweek2015_04bI bought the pattern for this ring on Etsy. You can buy the pattern here. It’s not the best tutorial I’ve seen but for the price I guess it’s ok.
I regret making the ring with this color cord. It just looks like I’m wearing a band-aid. I’ll make another one in a different color. I got the cord from this shop in Thailand. It’s not great quality but it’ll do.

These next 2 pairs of earrings are inspired by pictures I found on Pinterest.



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