The Beaded Week 72


Poetry macrame wrap-bracelets.
Tutorial from the talented ladies at

These are fun but time-consuming to make. The blue one has been sold but the other 3 are available in my Etsy shop.


I made a couple of crochet hedgehogs following this free tutorial and a “Too Much Fun” granny square blanket following this pattern from Drops.


I found this macrame bracelet tutorial on Pinterest. It’s in Chinese but it is fairly clear just looking at the pictures.

And the earrings are just something I came up with. I really like them and I hope to put them on the shop soon but so far I’ve only managed to take 2 descent pictures of them.

I’ve made a lot of stuff lately that I haven’t taken any pictures of yet so there’s more to come.

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The Beaded Week 71

I made these earrings a few months ago but never got around to taking pictures of them.


This bracelet from Beads Direct turned out too large for me but I’m too lazy to take it apart so it’s just been sitting here taking up space.


And this is what I ended up using my L.O.V.E. letters for, a picture frame.



The Beaded Week 63

A very simple necklace that can be wrapped around the neck 1 or 2 times.



Bracelet with fire-polished beads in pastels.




Two pairs of beaded bead earrings.





And a necklace which will be the topic of my next post, modelled by Mitzi .



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The Beaded Week 62



I finally found a clasp that fit the bead crochet rope I made a few weeks back so now the bracelet is finished and I can show it to you. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen it.

I love bead crochet and by making this bracelet I have learned how to single bead crochet. I prefer the look of the single bead crochet where the beads sit on an angle, almost upright as opposed to slip stitch bead crochet where the beads lay flat, stacking like bricks.

This design is by Candice Sexton and the pattern and instructions are available in the February 2016 issue of Bead & Button. Candice has a Etsy shop here.

Stringing all the beads in a pattern is time-consuming. When I make a rope in one color I can use my bead spinner and the work is done in no time. But with a pattern you have to check and make sure you string on the correct number of beads in the correct sequence.
Of course I strung on all the beads the wrong way, following the pattern from left to right instead of right to left. I started over with the first 15mm of rope, I think 4 or 5 times, before I realized the reason why the pattern didn’t line up correctly.
So I had to remove all the beads and string them again, this time from right to left.

There was only one wrong bead in the pattern where I had strung 3 gold beads in a row. Curiously I must have made the same mistake both times I strung the beads because I ended up stringing the same number of beads the 2nd time. I checked the pattern and I couldn’t find any fault there so the error was all mine.
It was easy to fix and even I can’t tell where that extra gold bead once was.

Now I’m thinking of making another one in a grey scale. We’ll see.


When I got the magnetic clasp for the bracelet I also got materials for a pair of stud earrings.



My sister had wanted me to make a pair of stud earrings for her in rose gold. With beadwork that’s not really possible but I thought of other ways of making these kind of earrings and the only thing I could think of was using crystals and earring settings that would fit them. It is hardly beadwork since the only thing I did was add glue. They look nice, for sure, but it’s not exactly fun or rewarding to make.
My sister got the earrings she wanted from a store so I didn’t need to make these but it was already on my mind so I wanted to try it out. And now I know. Add glue. Done.
I used 8mm Swarovski chatons in a Rose Patina effect.

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The Beaded Week 60

So I’ve been thinking about my next giveaway and I’ve decided that it will happen when I can celebrate 3 100’s on social media.

  1. 100 followers on Instagram
  2. 100 subscribers on YouTube
  3. 100 likes on Facebook

Number 1 is already a check.



The giveaway will be this bag of about 54 assorted clasps.


So get to liking and subscribing if you’d like this giveaway to happen.


In other news, I made this macrame bracelet inspired by a picture that I (yes, again) can’t remember where I saw. If I come across the picture again I will put up a link to it.



And I finally, thanks to the February issue of Bead & Button, I have learned to single crochet with beads. I already know the slip stitch method but I really like the way the beads sit on an angle in single crochet.
More on this later when the bracelet is complete.


The Beaded Week 51

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The last couple of weeks have been all about macrame, no beading at all. Unless you count the beads that go into some of these macrame pieces.

These wave bracelets were fun to make.
On the blue one I forgot to add the clasp before I started knotting so that one will be destroyed eventually. If I had remembered to do this before I ended the piece that would have been good too but as you can see I cut all the cords and now it is impossible to get a lobster clasp on the split ring. Oh well, live and learn.

thebeadedweek2015_07a thebeadedweek2015_07b

I made 2 pair of owl earrings, just for fun. I posted a picture on Instagram and one of my followers there fell in love with them, so those 2 pairs are now on their way to California. 🙂
My cousin saw them on Facebook and she also wanted them so I made 2 pair for her as well. 🙂


I started a bracelet that didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it to, so I destroyed it and made a pair of teal owls with the scraps.


I made a flower mandala following these instructions. This wasn’t that much fun and I don’t know what to do with it. The original plan was to make a pair of earrings but after I finished the first one I didn’t feel like making another one.

thebeadedweek2015_07eThat’s all for now.

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The Beaded Week 50

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The large macrame bracelet I mentioned in the last post is finished. I don’t have a complete clasp for it yet though.
I’m very happy with it. It looks great even though there is one small mistake in it. But you’d have to look real close to even see it.


The design is from CSLdesigns. I think her name is Christina. She is very talented and a great teacher. She does a mix of wirework, kumihimo and micro macrame. The tutorial for this design can be found here.

I liked this design so much I made another smaller bracelet in red.


I made this Russian Spiral rope following this video tutorial from Beadaholiqe. I like the design but I have a feeling this will break quite easily. The bugle beads have sharp edges and even though I used thick Fireline to stitch this rope I think that if used for a bracelet, the bugles will eventually cut through the thread.


All of the these micro macrame pieces are from the tutorials of Artemanual on YouTube. This channel is (I think) in Spanish but the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I used his tutorial to make my owl earrings a while back.
Click on the pictures to get a better look.

I made this, would be earring, but I didn’t like it so I never made another one. I found this tutorial on Pinterest, linking to this.


thebeadedweek2015_06nMacrame School has a great macrame channel on YouTube. I made this little heart following their tutorial which you can find here.

I used chinese knotting cord for this one.

I made this little starfish, just because. I don’t know where I got this from. I snapped a picture of this before I started this blog and I don’t remember where I saw it so I can’t give you a link to the tutorial. I looked at the picture and figured out how to make one, pretty much. So the design is not mine but I made this little guy in the picture right here.


And finally, this is the Tapestry bracelet, a new design from I still don’t have a clasp for this one but I think it looks very nice.


In other news, a ice-cream shop just opened up across the street. Oh boy!

And that’s all for now. Thanks for reading! ♥

The Beaded Week 48


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These earrings are another free pattern from Linda’s Crafty Inspirations. If you don’t already follow her blog I suggest that you do, she blogs a lot and offers plenty of inspiration.
The pattern can be found here. It’s easy to follow and the earrings are fairly easy to make, although I don’t know what kind of witchcraft she’d use to get through the same 15° so many times. I could only go through a few times and after that I just had to turn around instead. You’ll know what I mean if you try the pattern. Turning around is not a problem though, the thread wont show up, at least mine didn’t.
I think they turned out great. They are very pretty earrings, the pictures I took does not do them justice.

And here’s another Lovely Lace Bracelet from the same lady. I’ve blogged about this pattern here. I made this one with Miyuki dark bronze seed beads and I think it turned out better than the bronze one I made before. You can get the free pattern here.


thebeadedweek2015_05dI got some new cord from this shop and made another macrame ring. This one turned out a little bit bigger than the pink one I made with another type of cord. This blue one is a waxed polyester cord. I loved working with it, it is so much easier to get nice knots with a waxed cord. I also used bigger beads, 8° Toho in bronze and dark bronze, because I could not fit the 11°s on this cord even though it is supposed to be the same size. Ah well, I like the ring anyways. 🙂

thebeadedweek2015_05cI bought this tutorial from SmadarsTreasure on Etsy. The design is so pretty but for some reason it did not turn out that way for me. I guess it is a tension problem as usual and I think I’ll just undo this one and maybe start over with a different color.

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The Beaded Week 44

thebeadedweek2015_01pThis blog has moved and will no longer be updated at this location. Please go to and follow the blog to get notified of new content.

I have to start this post with a pair of earrings that I forgot to mention last week. These earrings are designed by Penny Dixon and she calls them “Yafa Petal Earrings”. They were featured on the cover of Beadwork  Magazine August-September 2013. I love how they look in the magazine but mine just didn’t turn out that great. And even if you could get past the look of this whole mess they are far too heavy. So I have deconstructed them and put the beads away for some future project.

This is another project from Beadwork Magazine. This “Flowerpots bracelet” is featured on the cover of the February-March 2015 issue and is designed by Cindy Holsclaw. I fell in love with it right away. It is so darn cute! thebeadedweek2015_01l

Via Pinterest I found a free tutorial for an alternating Cellini Spiral. You can download it here. The instructions are very clear and I liked her colors so much I got the exact same to make my bracelet. thebeadedweek2015_01k

And since it was so fun and easy I made another one in Silver-lined Milky Nutmeg. thebeadedweek2015_01j

thebeadedweek2015_01iJust in time for christmas, Gwen Fisher put up a new tutorial in her shop. This one is called Snail Shells & Twisty Bits. You can buy it here. This is a variation of the Cellini Spiral. I liked the colors in her sample so I used similar colors to make mine. It still needs some sort of rope or chain though. It was not particularly easy to make and I think it helped me that I already knew how to make the Slugs in Love pendant.

The other day I posted this picture on Instagram. I’ve decided it’s time to learn how to do micro macrame. This is my first ever try and although it is far from perfect I think they turned out pretty nice.


And finally, 3 pairs of beaded bead earrings. I especially like the blue ones, they remind me of blueberries. thebeadedweek2015_01n



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