The Beaded Week 54

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Here’s what’s been beaded since the last post;
A Russian Spiral bracelet. Tutorial by Sara Spoltore here. I wanted to make a bangle like she shows in this video but I couldn’t figure out how to join the ends together so I made a bracelet instead. She says in the bangle video that she’s working on a tutorial for it but as far as I can tell she never posted one. 😦

A Superduo bangle from the October-November 2015 issue of Beadwork Magazine. Design by Lisa Kan.
I love this! It looks great and is actually easy and fun to make. I didn’t have any rubber tubing so I re-purposed one of the 16 strand kumihimo cords I made for dad, it worked just as well.
I made a matching pendant with the leftover beads, it just needs a chain.


A pendant made with Rulla beads. I got this pattern for free when I ordered a bag of the Rulla beads from Love that store! I like the pendant, simple but pretty. It is 27x27mm. This one also needs a chain.


Micro macrame earring. Copied this design from a picture on Pinterest. I just saved the picture so now I don’t know where the pin came from. I’ll post a link here if I come across that picture again.
EDIT: I found the pin again, here it is. It doesn’t really go anywhere but at least you can see the picture that inspired me.


As it turned out, my dad liked both of the bracelets (in the previous post), so much so that he is wearing them both at the same time.

The Beaded Week 44

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I have to start this post with a pair of earrings that I forgot to mention last week. These earrings are designed by Penny Dixon and she calls them “Yafa Petal Earrings”. They were featured on the cover of Beadwork  Magazine August-September 2013. I love how they look in the magazine but mine just didn’t turn out that great. And even if you could get past the look of this whole mess they are far too heavy. So I have deconstructed them and put the beads away for some future project.

This is another project from Beadwork Magazine. This “Flowerpots bracelet” is featured on the cover of the February-March 2015 issue and is designed by Cindy Holsclaw. I fell in love with it right away. It is so darn cute! thebeadedweek2015_01l

Via Pinterest I found a free tutorial for an alternating Cellini Spiral. You can download it here. The instructions are very clear and I liked her colors so much I got the exact same to make my bracelet. thebeadedweek2015_01k

And since it was so fun and easy I made another one in Silver-lined Milky Nutmeg. thebeadedweek2015_01j

thebeadedweek2015_01iJust in time for christmas, Gwen Fisher put up a new tutorial in her shop. This one is called Snail Shells & Twisty Bits. You can buy it here. This is a variation of the Cellini Spiral. I liked the colors in her sample so I used similar colors to make mine. It still needs some sort of rope or chain though. It was not particularly easy to make and I think it helped me that I already knew how to make the Slugs in Love pendant.

The other day I posted this picture on Instagram. I’ve decided it’s time to learn how to do micro macrame. This is my first ever try and although it is far from perfect I think they turned out pretty nice.


And finally, 3 pairs of beaded bead earrings. I especially like the blue ones, they remind me of blueberries. thebeadedweek2015_01n



Thanks for reading! ♥

The Beaded Week 35


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It’s been a while since I posted one of these. I’ve done a lot of beading and chain maille. I’ve had a fun time, summer is here and I’m feeling good! So here’s what’s happened since last time, in pictures.

EDIT: So to clarify, I added the origins of the jewelry I had been working on the past few weeks. On the day I was just too lazy to write since most of it had been mentioned before.

Picture 1.
Top left. A CRAW heart I don’t know the origin of. I give these away as gifts to my customers.
Top right. Video tutorial in italian here.
Bottom left. “Narcis Pendant”. Design by Rachel Sim. Beadwork Magazine June/July 2014.
Bottom right. Loomed cuff. Instructions found on

Picture 2.
These 3 “Interwoven” bracelets are made following a tutorial that can be purchased here.

Picture 3.
All but the top left are designs that can be found at UnkamenSupplies.
The top left is a free pdf (in dutch) I found here.

Picture 4.
Left is a necklace of my own design. Tutorial can be viewed here.
Right is the same as picture 1, top right.




The Beaded Week 34


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In the last couple of weeks I have made a few bracelets. The first one is a 2-wrap leather bracelet with tile beads in Jet Picasso and Aztec Gold. I used a recycled button that I got from my mother. It’s very possible it could be described as a vintage button but she can’t remember how old it is or even that she gave it to me so I’ll just call it recycled to be safe. It’ll be going up on my Etsy shop later.

I made another drop edge crochet bangle in pearl white and I took apart a yellow crochet bangle from last year and crocheted it again to make it a little bit smaller.

The greenish bracelet it complete but I’m not happy with the clasp so I’ll be replacing that before I take a better picture of it to show you. The bracelet is designed by Carmella Patzlaff and the tutorial is in the June/July 2014 issue of BEADWORK Magazine.

And finally, after about 12 years, I have re-pierced my ears. I went to a piercing studio and the super friendly piercer poked through my old holes and put in tiny little rings. I would’ve totally chickened out if I had attempted to do that myself. And as the very cool guy he is, he only charged me for the rings. So if you’re ever in Haarlem and want to have anything pierced, Rings of Pleasure is the place to be. 🙂

The Beaded Week 29


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I’ve done a lot of beading this week and still I feel it wasn’t enough. I want to do so much more but I never seem to have enough beads. I do of course have more than enough but I’m sure I have an addiction to seed beads in particular.
So let’s get to it then. uploaded  a new video tutorial on their YouTube channel, the Compadres braided cuff. I knew I wanted to make that one right away. So I did.
I don’t have any 1mm leather so I used waxed cotton cord instead. Turned out great and no animals had to suffer. 🙂 I asked Michael’s opinion on which colors to use and as per usual he said red and green. Those two colors together means christmas to me but I think this cuff has more of an autumn harvest feel to it. The colors are Oxblood, Chocolate and Ancient Chartreuse.
Can you spot the mistake I was too lazy to correct?

The earrings are from BEADWORK August-September 2010. “Paisley Drops” designed by Jane Lock. I used orange and blue because those where the only 6 and 4 mm bicones I had that matched. Happy with them. 🙂

I while back I bought some of the new O beads without knowing what to do with them. This week I strung them together with some metal beads and made a simple but very pretty bracelet.

I finished beading the 11th box today. Just need to get some feet on that kitty and I’m done.

I forgot to post this necklace last week so it’s not actually made this week. It is a CRAW rope I designed myself. Matte black and light amethyst seed beads and fire-polished glass beads.

I got my loom out and made this awesome looking cuff. It is another project from It is not finished yet. I need a button and there’s still no sign of them. 😦

1 week to the season premiere of Mad Men! ♥

The Beaded Week 28


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These past two weeks I have submitted a pair of earrings to BEADWORK Magazine’s “what our readers did” section. They were accepted and will appear in the February-March 2015 issue. The earrings are a slight twist on Smadar Grossman’s Emerald City necklace in BEADWORK October-November 2013.

I felt like doing some knotting so I made a bracelet. The idea was to make a 4-strand bracelet but after I completed the first 3 I realised that 4 wouldn’t fit the ribbon ends I had in mind. So because of that the bracelet ended up being a bit short and I had to make some bead link chain to make it fit. It is closed with a small lobster-clasp and it is nearly impossible to close it on yourself. I do not like spring and lobster-clasps for bracelets.

Last year I saw a picture of a cute little beaded heart so I saved it on my iPad and this week I decided to make a few to give away as thank you gifts to future customer. I have at least come that far in my pursuit to master the techniques of jewelry making that I can look at a picture of a cubic right-angle weave (CRAW) heart and figure out how it is made. Yay!

The “Thistle Flower” earrings are from BEADWORK April-May 2014, designed by Melissa Grakowsky Shippee. They are supposed to have a larger component with a rivoli on top of this smaller one but as she suggests as an option I skipped the large component for a daintier earring. It is rather small, only about 4cm from the bottom of the hook.

The Beaded Week 27


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A work in progress, this bracelet just needs a button for the closure. I found a few I like on Etsy so now I just have to wait for them to be shipped from New Mexico.

Another Cellini spiral bangle. This is actually a remake. A few years ago when I first learned how to make this spiral I made a bracelet with these exact beads but the beadcount was different and it had a clasp. A while back I deconstructed that bracelet since it was too big for me and this week I reconstructed it in the shape of a bangle. All the beads are frosted.

The earrings are the components of Smadar Grossman’s Emerald City Necklace in the October-November 2013 issue of BEADWORK Magazine. I turned them upside down to create a wedge instead of a fan. They have a very pretty 10mm crystal in the center.

The Beaded Week 26


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Last weeks rope has now turned into a beautiful bracelet. This bracelet is designed by Sara Zsadon and was published in the December 2012-January 2013 issue of BEADWORK Magazine. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun to complete this bracelet.

Box #10 is missing its feet. I’m thinking about maybe leaving it this way but I shall think about it some more before I make a post about it.

2 Cellini spiral bangle bracelets. These are so wonderfully relaxing to work on. I made these 2 while re-watching season 1 of House of Cards.

The Beaded Week 24


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This past week I have made another of Gwen Fisher’s beaded beads using different colors, Grape Mist and Gunmetal. I kinda really like it but I have no more of those 8mm rounds so it will forever be alone. This beaded bead is slightly smaller than the green/bronze one from last week and  is also not as heavy since the 8mm beads are hollow.

I’ve also stitched together another beaded bead from the October/November 2012 issue of BEADWORK Magazine. This beaded bead is designed by Cindy Holsclaw and has a hexagon shape.
Ignore the wire sticking out of it in the picture, it is just there to keep the hole of the center bead vertical so I can find it when the time comes to string this ornate beaded bead onto something.

The 2-wrap bracelet is made with 6mm Unakite beads with a cute 4-leaf clover button closure. For sale at my Etsy shop when I write this.