Beaded Bead Tutorial on YouTube

I have made a video tutorial of my beaded bead.

You can still buy the pdf in my Etsy shop. 😉 It is a very detailed 16 page pdf tutorial. It has illustrations and photos explaining each step for making beaded beads in 5 different sizes, 2 for using 15° and 3 for using 11°.

Although I really tried to make the video detailed as well, it is almost 32 minutes long.

So please go watch it and subscribe to my channel. ♥

YouTube Tutorial

I’ve put up 2 beading tutorials on my YouTube channel.

First is the Barrel Bead, it’s a simple beaded bead but I think it is very cute.
I’ve also made a pdf for this beaded bead that’s available on Etsy.

And the second video is a tutorial for a Twisted Herringbone stitch.


If you like the tutorials, please subscribe and I will try to make more tutorials.

Thank you! ♥

The Beaded Week 68

Since last time I have made…

A tealight holder.

I used a glass that had previously held a scented candle and some very cheap seed beads and some craft glue.


3 pair of drop earrings.


1 pair of  beaded bead earrings.


And I’ve also been working on a new tutorial…

Thanks for stopping by. ♥

The Beaded Week 66

The third and final turtle, the large turtle, is complete.

I lost track of how many needles I broke making this turtle but I only broke 2 beads!

Pattern by Julia S. Pretl. You can buy it from her shop here.


I made 3 pair of beaded bead earrings. The first pair (teal) will have their hooks replaced when new copper hooks arrive from the states.


This is the Bubblelicious bead. I bought this pattern here a long time ago.


I posted this picture on Instagram of my first bead crochet ball.



I got an earring card punch so that I can use my business cards as earring cards. Pretty neat!

Thanks for reading! ♥

The Beaded Week 61

2/3 checked for the next giveaway. Just need a few more likes on Facebook.



Since the last beaded week I’ve made a bunch of beaded bead earrings. I added some of them to the shop and the rest I sent to my mom.



I also made small fabric gift bags and a tutorial on how to make them.  The tutorial is in the previous post here.



It is my little sisters birthday today, so on the off-chance she’s reading this, happy birthday! ♥

A New Home

Depending on where you read this you might have noticed that the blog looks different. This is because I decided to move the blog to my domain, and I am now self-hosting this WordPress blog using a new theme.  As I write this I am not done fiddling around with the different design options so this is most likely not the final look of the blog.

If you are a subscriber to the blog your subscription has been moved over to the new blog but if you have the blog bookmarked you should make a new bookmark from this address.

In the way of beading there’s not much happening right now. I will try to be more active on the blog this year. There were only 18 posts made last year, not counting the first and the last post which was an annual report not written by me, and I feel that is not good enough. I can do better.

Last years challenge was never completed. I did learn some chain maille but it turned out to be a bit too expensive for me so I decided to put that on hold.

I don’t have a new challenge in mind and I’m not sure I want to create one.
I have made some mental notes of what I want to do to improve my skills so that I will feel more confident in making more of my own designs.

The tutorial for the small beaded bead has been well received and has so far been sold 56 times.

Early December I sold a pair of earrings to a customer in the United States and a few days ago I received this lovely review.


A very good start to the new year. ♥