The Beaded Week 76

I made another macrame owl a while back but forgot to take any pictures of it.
I don’t know what to do with these guys, I don’t want to wear them as pendants. For now they are just hanging on my noticeboard, being pretty.

The tutorial is by Happyland87.

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The Beaded Week 66

The third and final turtle, the large turtle, is complete.

I lost track of how many needles I broke making this turtle but I only broke 2 beads!

Pattern by Julia S. Pretl. You can buy it from her shop here.


I made 3 pair of beaded bead earrings. The first pair (teal) will have their hooks replaced when new copper hooks arrive from the states.


This is the Bubblelicious bead. I bought this pattern here a long time ago.


I posted this picture on Instagram of my first bead crochet ball.



I got an earring card punch so that I can use my business cards as earring cards. Pretty neat!

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The Beaded Week 65

I’m back!

Besides being a beader I am also a gamer, and the game I play recently had a major content upgrade so there has been little time for beading but I have done a few things which I will show you now.

First, the bead crochet necklace I mentioned in the 2 previous posts.
To the left is the failed attempt and to the right is the correctly crocheted necklace. The pattern is from Brigitte Iländer. You can get it for free here.



Next, I made this “Spring Beauty” necklace, also by Brigitte Iländer. The pattern is from her book, Beauties.



This is “Bunch of Bangles”. Pattern by Sabine Lippert. You can buy the pattern here.
I liked working on these but I had to remake the first 2 just because I wasn’t paying attention to the instructions. Not a big deal, just a waste of thread, that Sonoko thread is kind of pricey.



And lastly, you’ve probably already seen this picture on Instagram, I made a Medium Turtle to go with the Tiny Turtle I made a while ago. Pattern by Julia S. Pretl. You can buy the patterns here.
I’m working on the Large Turtle right now.



Thanks for reading! See you soon, hopefully 😉

Wasted Labor


What follows is a tale of wasted time.

The pattern is 22-around. 1 repeat of the pattern is 176 beads.
It took me 5 minutes 30 seconds to string 1 repeat when I counted the beads after each row of 22 beads.
I strung 40 repeats.
5.3 x 40 = 212 = 3 hours and 53 minutes of stringing.
1 strung repeat of the pattern measures 26 cm.
26 x 40 = 1040 = 10 meters and 40 centimeters of beads.
I crocheted 37 repeats.
1 crocheted repeat of the pattern took about 23 minutes to complete assuming no mistakes or stopping to scoot the beads down the thread.
23 x 37 = 851 = 14 hours and 18 minutes.
The finished rope is 53 cm long. It has 6512 beads and 100 m of thread.

Of course it took a lot longer than 14 hours to complete because mistakes were made but the biggest time sink was scooting the beads down.
It was a huge mistake to string all the beads at once. Pushing back 10 meters of beads is a lot of work. The thread will twist and you end up spending 10 minutes to untangle the thread before you can scoot the next section of beads down. Not fun.
Mistake number 2 was using black thread. It made it hard to see and separate the stitches. Luckily I have my daylight lamp that helped me see in the beginning of the rope.
Mistake number 3 was using a size 0.75mm crochet hook. The first 2 repeats of the rope were a real struggle before I realized that I needed to switch to a bigger hook. That part became very stiff as a result but since it was only at the beginning of the rope I decided to leave it and continue crocheting with a bigger hook. The rest of the rope is firm but flexible.

And now for the biggest mistake of them all. The whole rope is a mistake!

I don’t know why I didn’t notice this but I guess I didn’t have a clear memory of what the rope was supposed to look like.
After I added the snap button closure (that didn’t work out by the way) I for some reason went back and looked at Birgitte’s necklace and that’s when I noticed that my rope didn’t look like that.
I actually liked my rope until I noticed that it was all wrong. It turned into a “new” pattern and it’s not ugly, it’s just a bit busy. But now all I see is a mistake so I will undo it and start over.
Michael thinks I’m crazy but I made this necklace for myself and I’m not going to walk around with a mistake around my neck.

I had started my rope with a few rounds of crochet without beads so I figured the mistake was in the number of stitches. I strung 1 repeat of the pattern to figure out what I had done wrong, this time starting directly with the beads. So I chained 22 beads and joined the last bead to the first with a slip stitch. That’s not how you do it. The pattern did not line up correctly.
So I tried again, this time joining the last and first bead with bead 23. And that’s how you do it apparently because this time the pattern lined up.
So I guess I had 1 too many stitches in my starting round.
I’m so disappointed in myself. I had a feeling that something was off while I was working but I didn’t stop to figure out what it was. Everything did line up “correctly” so it seemed. Aargh! What a waste of time!
I’ll be happy once it has been destroyed and I can start over again.

The pattern is by Birgitte Iländer and, when done correctly, is called Folk. I will write a proper post about this when I have made the correct necklace.

The Beaded Week 62



I finally found a clasp that fit the bead crochet rope I made a few weeks back so now the bracelet is finished and I can show it to you. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen it.

I love bead crochet and by making this bracelet I have learned how to single bead crochet. I prefer the look of the single bead crochet where the beads sit on an angle, almost upright as opposed to slip stitch bead crochet where the beads lay flat, stacking like bricks.

This design is by Candice Sexton and the pattern and instructions are available in the February 2016 issue of Bead & Button. Candice has a Etsy shop here.

Stringing all the beads in a pattern is time-consuming. When I make a rope in one color I can use my bead spinner and the work is done in no time. But with a pattern you have to check and make sure you string on the correct number of beads in the correct sequence.
Of course I strung on all the beads the wrong way, following the pattern from left to right instead of right to left. I started over with the first 15mm of rope, I think 4 or 5 times, before I realized the reason why the pattern didn’t line up correctly.
So I had to remove all the beads and string them again, this time from right to left.

There was only one wrong bead in the pattern where I had strung 3 gold beads in a row. Curiously I must have made the same mistake both times I strung the beads because I ended up stringing the same number of beads the 2nd time. I checked the pattern and I couldn’t find any fault there so the error was all mine.
It was easy to fix and even I can’t tell where that extra gold bead once was.

Now I’m thinking of making another one in a grey scale. We’ll see.


When I got the magnetic clasp for the bracelet I also got materials for a pair of stud earrings.



My sister had wanted me to make a pair of stud earrings for her in rose gold. With beadwork that’s not really possible but I thought of other ways of making these kind of earrings and the only thing I could think of was using crystals and earring settings that would fit them. It is hardly beadwork since the only thing I did was add glue. They look nice, for sure, but it’s not exactly fun or rewarding to make.
My sister got the earrings she wanted from a store so I didn’t need to make these but it was already on my mind so I wanted to try it out. And now I know. Add glue. Done.
I used 8mm Swarovski chatons in a Rose Patina effect.

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The Beaded Week 60

So I’ve been thinking about my next giveaway and I’ve decided that it will happen when I can celebrate 3 100’s on social media.

  1. 100 followers on Instagram
  2. 100 subscribers on YouTube
  3. 100 likes on Facebook

Number 1 is already a check.



The giveaway will be this bag of about 54 assorted clasps.


So get to liking and subscribing if you’d like this giveaway to happen.


In other news, I made this macrame bracelet inspired by a picture that I (yes, again) can’t remember where I saw. If I come across the picture again I will put up a link to it.



And I finally, thanks to the February issue of Bead & Button, I have learned to single crochet with beads. I already know the slip stitch method but I really like the way the beads sit on an angle in single crochet.
More on this later when the bracelet is complete.


The beaded week 39

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It’s been a month, again. And it’s not because I’ve been so busy, no, I’m just lazy. Although I was very busy the week before the wedding we attended on the 12th. In the previous post I mentioned that I had to make some jewelry to wear to the wedding. And I did make a few new pieces but I ended up wearing something I made long ago. This necklace with matching bracelet.

Bead Crochet Necklace & Bracelet
Bead Crochet Necklace & Bracelet

For the party in the evening I changed to a simple gold chain necklace and this new memory wire bracelet I made after being inspired by a picture on Pinterest. It is a really cool way to use up some of those orphan beads that you might have lying around.DSCN1831 (22)
Another Pinterest inspired project, this necklace is made with linked wire-wrapped beads. It took forever to make and after wire wrapping 151 beads my fingers were sore. I made my necklace with three lengths of wrapped bead chain and attached each side of the three chains to a matte gold magnetic clasp. I love how it turned out and this was another great way to use up some of those orphan beads.DSCN1893(1)
This Slugs in Love pendant I had already made a while back but I hadn’t gotten around to actually string it on something. So I took a piece of faux suede cord and attached a cute owl clasp. DSCN1854
These earrings are also inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest. Nothing much to say about these, simply seed beads strung in a pattern and attached to a eye-pin and a bead cap.DSCN1831 (23)
These double spiral weave earrings are a part of my chain maille challenge, which is coming along very slowly. I will make a post about this weave next. DSCN1831 (24)
So all this was before the wedding, which was lovely by the way. ♥
Since then I have made a few things;
This bracelet, another Pinterest find, was made by braiding 5 strands of faux suede cord. I gave this to my mom.DSCN1853(1)
Again, Pinterest led me to this blog, of which I am now a follower, and this free tutorial of the Lovely Lace Bracelet. I love, love, love working on this project. After working on a lot of stringing and wrapping I had a craving for some stitching and this bracelet certainly fulfilled that need. It is simple but elegant and I would imagine that this would also make a very nice choker.
I’ve made 2 so far with the second one still waiting for a clasp.DSCN1864(1)
And lastly, I made this RAW ombre bracelet from beadaholique. So fast and simple to make but I think it turns out very elegant.DSCN1871(1)

So that’s what a lazy month of beading looks like.

See you soon, hopefully! 😉

The Beaded Week 34


This blog has moved and will no longer be updated at this location. Please go to and follow the blog to get notified of new content.

In the last couple of weeks I have made a few bracelets. The first one is a 2-wrap leather bracelet with tile beads in Jet Picasso and Aztec Gold. I used a recycled button that I got from my mother. It’s very possible it could be described as a vintage button but she can’t remember how old it is or even that she gave it to me so I’ll just call it recycled to be safe. It’ll be going up on my Etsy shop later.

I made another drop edge crochet bangle in pearl white and I took apart a yellow crochet bangle from last year and crocheted it again to make it a little bit smaller.

The greenish bracelet it complete but I’m not happy with the clasp so I’ll be replacing that before I take a better picture of it to show you. The bracelet is designed by Carmella Patzlaff and the tutorial is in the June/July 2014 issue of BEADWORK Magazine.

And finally, after about 12 years, I have re-pierced my ears. I went to a piercing studio and the super friendly piercer poked through my old holes and put in tiny little rings. I would’ve totally chickened out if I had attempted to do that myself. And as the very cool guy he is, he only charged me for the rings. So if you’re ever in Haarlem and want to have anything pierced, Rings of Pleasure is the place to be. 🙂