The Beaded Week 77

Are you still here?

December 15 was the last time I posted anything here.

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The Beaded Week 76

I made another macrame owl a while back but forgot to take any pictures of it.
I don’t know what to do with these guys, I don’t want to wear them as pendants. For now they are just hanging on my noticeboard, being pretty.

The tutorial is by Happyland87.

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The Beaded Week 75

I should perhaps think of a better name for this kind of post. It is not weekly anymore and in this case it is not even beaded, it is crocheted.


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X-mas Tree Tutorial

I’ve made another tutorial. It is available on Etsy and YouTube.

You can buy it HERE, or watch the movie HERE.

I’m going to try to be more productive in the new year. I have recently discovered Bullet Journaling and I hope this will help me get s**t done.

Until next time ♥

YouTube Tutorial

I’ve put up 2 beading tutorials on my YouTube channel.

First is the Barrel Bead, it’s a simple beaded bead but I think it is very cute.
I’ve also made a pdf for this beaded bead that’s available on Etsy.

And the second video is a tutorial for a Twisted Herringbone stitch.


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Thank you! ♥

The Beaded Week 74

Not really a weekly post anymore is it?
Being a mother takes up most of my time now but I try to get a little beading, or other crafting, done while she takes a nap. She is napping right now which allows me to write this little update. Continue reading