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Another project from “A Beaded Romance” by Kelly Wiese, this one is called Mobile Necklace and Earrings.
The necklace chain is made using the Chevron stitch which was a new technique for me. It’s fast and easy and it makes a nice and even chain.
The diamond shapes in the necklace and earrings are made with brick stitched cylinder beads. Again, I chose to add a “normal” lobster clasp but it is much too big for this necklace so it will have to be replaced if it were to be sold.
The whole project didn’t take very long to make, it was easy and not too boring but my thumb and index finger are sore from constantly piercing them with my needle while stitching.
I think I broke 2 needles and I’m beginning to suspect that those John James needles I bought aren’t the real deal. They either break at the eye or I just snap them in half. I suppose that’s why they come in a pack of 25…