Modern Minibox

This is the inside of my Modern Minibox right now. I’ve just put my crafting stash in there in a way that I think is good. But of course once I start using it regularly I will probably find a better place for some of the things.

I’ve not opened it completely so that I could fit it all in the picture.

It is not even completely filled up yet. I crammed a lot of yarn in there too but I’m not sure it will stay in there.

It is a little messy on the left side.

So this is how it looks now that I have put down a new carpet (IKEA) to keep it from rolling around, I live in a house built sometime in the 1700 so the floor is anything but level.

It doubles as a changing table for now. I’ve got a 2.2 mm thick plastic cover for it so that I will not ruin the table top as I work on it . It is basically a big clear place mat cut to the size of the table top.
And a couple of corner protectors and a safety lock because of the little one.♥

4 thoughts on “Modern Minibox

  1. I am green with envy!! I have a very small house and this would not fit in any room I have. But I still lust after one like yours!!


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