The Beaded Week 77

Are you still here?

December 15 was the last time I posted anything here.

Is blogging still a thing? I mostly come across them via Pinterest myself. Is that how you got here?

It has been a very slow start of the year. We started the kitchen renovation in February and that took 2 months, during which time I was separated from my beads. I managed to get a few beads with me and ordering new ones while we were living elsewhere.

With these I made another space needle case (pattern by Sarah Cryer) to hold my small beading needles.

With the new kitchen we are also remodeling/decorating the living room and office.

For this purpose I went out and spent a big chunk of money on a Modern Minibox from The Original Scrapbox now called The Brand Box in Europe.

In this I could store away all my crafting materials and have a place to craft that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

I ordered this piece of crafting furniture at the end of January. It finally arrived in April.

Incomplete! It was missing 2 pieces so I had to put the half finished minibox away and wait for the company to send me the missing parts. That took almost 4 months!

They have the worst customer service. My husband was the one dealing with them (since it was ordered by him) and he was continuously told “I don’t know” when he asked about the order progress of the missing parts, and was told to contact the supplier in America himself.

Then, one day it finally arrived. Nearly 4 months later. So, from ordering, it took 6 months before I could finally build the Modern Minibox.

And this is when I found out that the screws to attach the table top to the center box were too short. I was not about to wait another 3-4 months for them to send longer screws so my husband went to the hardware store and bought longer screws.

The washers to screw in the acrylic guards were also missing but I could obviously still screw them in.

So yeah, the Modern minibox is finished! It is a very clever piece of furniture but this whole process has been depressing and stressful.

The right side doesn’t line up correctly making it a little difficult to close neatly. (I have a safety lock on the doorknobs)

There was no note to accompany the replacement pieces (which were clearly harvested off a previously built minibox). No apology for making me wait so long. No offer of compensation. Nothing.

The furniture is good but now I feel I payed way to much for it. I am very disappointed in the company.

However, now I can finally get back to crafting. And blogging.

I am planning a few giveaways soon on my YouTube channel so stay tuned for that.

2 thoughts on “The Beaded Week 77

    1. I will. I’m not completely done yet but I will post a picture in a few days I reckon.
      I need to go get a carpet to put underneath it. I live in a very old house and the floor has a pretty severe slant which makes the box roll away when I open it.


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