The Beaded Week 65

I’m back!

Besides being a beader I am also a gamer, and the game I play recently had a major content upgrade so there has been little time for beading but I have done a few things which I will show you now.

First, the bead crochet necklace I mentioned in the 2 previous posts.
To the left is the failed attempt and to the right is the correctly crocheted necklace. The pattern is from Brigitte Iländer. You can get it for free here.



Next, I made this “Spring Beauty” necklace, also by Brigitte Iländer. The pattern is from her book, Beauties.



This is “Bunch of Bangles”. Pattern by Sabine Lippert. You can buy the pattern here.
I liked working on these but I had to remake the first 2 just because I wasn’t paying attention to the instructions. Not a big deal, just a waste of thread, that Sonoko thread is kind of pricey.



And lastly, you’ve probably already seen this picture on Instagram, I made a Medium Turtle to go with the Tiny Turtle I made a while ago. Pattern by Julia S. Pretl. You can buy the patterns here.
I’m working on the Large Turtle right now.



Thanks for reading! See you soon, hopefully 😉

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