The Beaded Week 62



I finally found a clasp that fit the bead crochet rope I made a few weeks back so now the bracelet is finished and I can show it to you. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen it.

I love bead crochet and by making this bracelet I have learned how to single bead crochet. I prefer the look of the single bead crochet where the beads sit on an angle, almost upright as opposed to slip stitch bead crochet where the beads lay flat, stacking like bricks.

This design is by Candice Sexton and the pattern and instructions are available in the February 2016 issue of Bead & Button. Candice has a Etsy shop here.

Stringing all the beads in a pattern is time-consuming. When I make a rope in one color I can use my bead spinner and the work is done in no time. But with a pattern you have to check and make sure you string on the correct number of beads in the correct sequence.
Of course I strung on all the beads the wrong way, following the pattern from left to right instead of right to left. I started over with the first 15mm of rope, I think 4 or 5 times, before I realized the reason why the pattern didn’t line up correctly.
So I had to remove all the beads and string them again, this time from right to left.

There was only one wrong bead in the pattern where I had strung 3 gold beads in a row. Curiously I must have made the same mistake both times I strung the beads because I ended up stringing the same number of beads the 2nd time. I checked the pattern and I couldn’t find any fault there so the error was all mine.
It was easy to fix and even I can’t tell where that extra gold bead once was.

Now I’m thinking of making another one in a grey scale. We’ll see.


When I got the magnetic clasp for the bracelet I also got materials for a pair of stud earrings.



My sister had wanted me to make a pair of stud earrings for her in rose gold. With beadwork that’s not really possible but I thought of other ways of making these kind of earrings and the only thing I could think of was using crystals and earring settings that would fit them. It is hardly beadwork since the only thing I did was add glue. They look nice, for sure, but it’s not exactly fun or rewarding to make.
My sister got the earrings she wanted from a store so I didn’t need to make these but it was already on my mind so I wanted to try it out. And now I know. Add glue. Done.
I used 8mm Swarovski chatons in a Rose Patina effect.

Thanks for reading! ♥

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