Drawstring Gift Bag Tutorial



After making small gift bags following a few different tutorials, I decided that it is just too much work for something that’s likely to be thrown away.
There’s just too much folding and ironing going on. And the last bit of sewing in these tutorials is always a bit tricky on such a small scale.

So I made my own design that is quick and easy and that suits the fabric I am using, leftovers from my curtains with a flora and fauna pattern, that can only be cut in one piece if you cut it the way I do in this tutorial. If you would cut and fold the fabric the other way the pattern on the fabric would be upside down on one side of the bag.
Another way would be to cut 2 pieces, but that would mean more work. But if that’s how you want to do it, it just means you have to sew one more seam and cut one more hole in the drawstring channel.
The holes I cut in the drawstring channel makes the lifespan of the bag a bit shorter I’m sure, but for the purpose of this bag is doesn’t matter, as it is meant to be a “gift wrap”, not the gift itself.

Ok, let’s get to it! Here’s what you need:



First, I made a simple sketch of the design. This is really all you need but I took pictures of most of the steps anyways.

bagpattern 001



  1. Cut the fabric 16x19cm. With the back of the fabric facing up, fold down 35mm and iron.
  2. Sew a channel for the drawstring to go through. The seams are about 8mm apart for this particular bag but if your ribbon is wider than the 3mm I’m using here, go ahead and sew the seams further apart.giftbag002
  3. Fold and iron. Try to make the seams of the channel to line up. You probably want to use pins here to be sure, my seams ended up a bit askew.
  4. Sew along the two open edges. Trim with pinking shears if you have them so that the fabric will fray less. (I didn’t, because I don’t own a pair)
  5. Turn the bag right side out and iron.giftbag003
  6. Use the seam ripper to cut small holes on each side of the bag. Cut a vertical hole between the seams that make up the channel for your ribbon to go through. On the side of the bag which has the seam (step 4) you must cut 2 holes, one on each side of the seam, as shown in the picture.
  7. Cut 2 lengths of ribbon, about 30-40cm each. Attach a safety-pin to one end of your ribbon and thread it through the first hole, going all around and coming out in the hole next to it. Repeat for the other length of ribbon, starting on the opposite side.
    Tip: don’t pull the first ribbon completely snug, leave a little loop so that the first ribbon wont block the hole when you go around with the second ribbon.giftbag004
  8. Tie the two ends together in an overhand knot and trim. You’re done!

Thanks for stopping by! ♥

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