The Beaded Week 54

thebeadedweek2015_11aThis blog has moved and will no longer be updated at this location. Please go to and follow the blog to get notified of new content.

Here’s what’s been beaded since the last post;
A Russian Spiral bracelet. Tutorial by Sara Spoltore here. I wanted to make a bangle like she shows in this video but I couldn’t figure out how to join the ends together so I made a bracelet instead. She says in the bangle video that she’s working on a tutorial for it but as far as I can tell she never posted one. 😦

A Superduo bangle from the October-November 2015 issue of Beadwork Magazine. Design by Lisa Kan.
I love this! It looks great and is actually easy and fun to make. I didn’t have any rubber tubing so I re-purposed one of the 16 strand kumihimo cords I made for dad, it worked just as well.
I made a matching pendant with the leftover beads, it just needs a chain.


A pendant made with Rulla beads. I got this pattern for free when I ordered a bag of the Rulla beads from Love that store! I like the pendant, simple but pretty. It is 27x27mm. This one also needs a chain.


Micro macrame earring. Copied this design from a picture on Pinterest. I just saved the picture so now I don’t know where the pin came from. I’ll post a link here if I come across that picture again.
EDIT: I found the pin again, here it is. It doesn’t really go anywhere but at least you can see the picture that inspired me.


As it turned out, my dad liked both of the bracelets (in the previous post), so much so that he is wearing them both at the same time.

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