The Beaded Week 45

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I’m back after being a bit distracted by life outside and inside my house. I travelled to Sweden for my birthday and spent 6 days with my family minus one of my sisters and my niece, I’ll catch them next time. I had a lovely time and it was a treat to finally see some snow.

While I was gone, Michael and his father painted and put in a new floor here. It is so nice to not have that old, dirty and ugly carpet anymore. I love my new floor!

So I came back to a bit of a mess and it has taken a while to get everything back in its place. And we’re not even done yet.
But my beads are back and in the last couple of weeks I have been beading and doing some macramé. And it’s the macramé I will be blogging about today.

Just before I left for Sweden I made a pair of earrings following a tutorial by Sherri Stokey. You can buy the tutorial here.
The tutorial is for a bracelet but I decided to start small and see if I could do it. Turns out I can.

DSCN2214 (1)

When I came home I started to make a bracelet. Turns out I can’t make that. At least I don’t think I can. I’m not happy with it at all. It was really hard to get all the diamonds the same size.
I also decided to use 6 of the delica beads instead of 7. The instructions are a bit confusing because she says to use 7 but in the pictures she’s only using 6. In the earrings I used 7 and I think that might have turned out a bit better.
Other than that the tutorial is great and I highly recommend it.

Here are the pictures of the bracelet, taken on my new floor. 🙂


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