The Beaded Week 38


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I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s been almost a month since my last post. Shame on me I guess, but I rather not write when I have nothing to say. If you follow me on Instagram you’d see more of what I’m up to. And if you don’t want to do that you can still see the latest pictures on the right over there. →

So what have I been doing these past weeks? Well, I taught myself how to peyote stitch a beaded bead. I’ve seen these pretty beaded beads here and there but no tutorial for it, none that I liked anyways. Most of them are for a large beaded bead that usually covers a wooden bead. I wanted to make small and lightweight beads so I spent a day figuring out the best way (for me) to make one. Depending on the seed beads it takes 15 to 16 rounds of peyote stitch to cover a 8 mm bead with 15° seed beads. So the end result is a small, 11 mm, lightweight bead.

I made some fun and elegant earrings with my beaded beads and I love all of them. ♥

DSCN1828Following a tutorial I found here, I made this multi-strand bracelet. I like it a lot but it turned out a little big, but if I twist it a few times as I put it on my wrist it snugs up a little and doesn’t drape quite as far down on my hand. However, now the bracelet is twisted and has a different look than what I was going for but I still like it. This bracelet was a good way to use up some of those scrap pieces of leather I had saved from previous projects.

I’m going to a wedding next week and I still have to figure out what kind of jewelry I want to wear and then make it. :O So I better get to it.

See you soon! ♥


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