The Challenge, Byzantine Weave


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The first weave to master in my chain maille challenge is the Byzantine weave. And I believe I have done just that. It is really very easy to weave and yet the result is so beautiful. I have only made earrings with this weave so far but I would like to make a bracelet using the byzantine rose weave.

The problems I encountered had nothing to do with the weave itself. I just don’t have the hang of how much force I must use to open and close the jump rings. Sometimes the weave just goes flying across the table when one of my pliers (almost always the one in my left hand) slip off one side of the ring, usually leaving a nasty scratch on the finish of the ring.
DSCN1398With the thicker gauge rings it proved really hard to get a nice and seamless closure without marring the rings since it takes a bit of strength to open and close those rings.
But unless you go in for a closer look you can’t tell there’s a tiny nick on a few of the rings. The open space between the rings bother me more and is easier to spot from further away.

Hopefully these problems will go away with practice.

DSCN1479The Rainbow Spiral Hoops earrings aren’t made with the byzantine weave but I couldn’t resist buying the kits for them. The weave in this is just like a mobius flower, like the little rose on the ends of the byzantine earrings.

The instructions and materials for all of these earrings can be purchased from UnkamenSupplies. Or you can buy the finished earrings from me. 🙂

Next up is the Spiral and Jens Pind Weave.


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