The Beaded Week 32


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This week I got Gwen Fisher’s new design the Conway Bead. It looked so much fun I just had to have it. I’ve made 3 of them so far. These 2 in the picture are of the smaller size using O-beads but I also made one of the larger beads with 3mm pearls. The ones with O-beads are more fun in my opinion.

I got my money back from the button shop, since the buttons never arrived, but not without a bit of attitude from the shop owner.

I ordered some buttons from a shop in Hong Kong instead and they arrived after a week. So now I could finally finish the bracelets that were awaiting buttons. The top one is the loomed shades of purple bracelet and the bottom one is the multi-row wrap bracelet that turned out to be a bit snug on my wrist but it’s made with leather cord so it will stretch a bit with time.

My sister ordered 4 Compadres braided cuffs that I finished and sent off to her this week. I hope they fit and that she likes them.

I got the urge to do some bead crochet again…


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