The Beaded Week 24


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This past week I have made another of Gwen Fisher’s beaded beads using different colors, Grape Mist and Gunmetal. I kinda really like it but I have no more of those 8mm rounds so it will forever be alone. This beaded bead is slightly smaller than the green/bronze one from last week and  is also not as heavy since the 8mm beads are hollow.

I’ve also stitched together another beaded bead from the October/November 2012 issue of BEADWORK Magazine. This beaded bead is designed by Cindy Holsclaw and has a hexagon shape.
Ignore the wire sticking out of it in the picture, it is just there to keep the hole of the center bead vertical so I can find it when the time comes to string this ornate beaded bead onto something.

The 2-wrap bracelet is made with 6mm Unakite beads with a cute 4-leaf clover button closure. For sale at my Etsy shop when I write this.

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