Drop Anklet

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The first (for me) project out of Kelly Wiese’s book A Beaded Romance is an anklet on page 49.

Drop Anklet
Drop Anklet

Clear instructions and pictures. The technique, St. Petersburg Chain, is one I am already familiar with.
Halfway through adding the drop embellishment I realized I wasn’t sure the pattern would end as it begun, there was no mention of this in the book so I started counting and whichever way I tried to add or subtract I ended up uneven so I kept going and the embellishment ended with a drop. It doesn’t bother me and it’s not something you can spot from afar.
The pattern calls for a bead and loop closure but I opted for a clasp my mom sent me.
Since I’ve been cursed with high arches, this anklet ended up using 19 dagger beads instead of the suggested 16, and it is approx. 27 cm long.

Vine Anklet
Vine Anklet

A year ago I was asked to make an anklet for my sister and I figured the St. Petersburg Chain would be a suitable technique for this piece of jewelry. It wasn’t as fancy as Kelly’s and had more of a vine look to it but I think she liked it.
I just might revise it and make a simple little tutorial in the near future.

Stay tuned.

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